Rank Zimbabwe Warehouse

The largest stationery warehouse in Zimbabwe with 5,000 sqm under one roof. The warehouse operates as ‘cash & carry’ and all distribution is carried out from here.

  • 5,000sqm purpose-built warehouse
  • Customised secure receiving and dispatching bays
  • Fully computerized stock control system
  • 6 point-of-sale terminals
  • 25 professional staff
  • 17 vehicles for countrywide distribution

Lotus Stationery Manufacturers

A self contained manufacturing plant with plastic injection moulding machines, exercise book machines & additional paper converting machines as well as a fully operational workshop.

  • Bespoke 3,500 sqm manufacturing plant located 100m from the Rank warehouse
  • 22 plastic injection moulding machines with a bank of over 120 moulds
  • Staff of 50 skilled workers
  • Bespoke workshop for building moulds and on-site machinery repairs